Friday, September 28, 2012

Indian chef who quit the job to feed homeless and mentally disabled

He is Mr. Narayanan Krishnan, an Indian chef who was turned into a social worker. He quit his career as a leading chef in Europe and began supplying meals to the homeless in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, beginning in 2002.

Krishnan founded his nonprofit Akshaya Trust in 2003, which helps to feed the homeless and mentally-disabled in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. He serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to 400 indigent and elderly people in Madurai.

He also provides haircuts and shaves to give extra dignity to those he serves.

During a visit to his family, before heading to Europe, he said,
"I saw a very old man, literally eating his own human waste out of hunger. I went to the nearby hotel and asked them what was available. They had idli, which I bought and gave to the old man. Believe me, I had never seen a person eating so fast, ever. As he ate the food, his eyes were filled with tears. Those were the tears of happiness."
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Krishnan can be contacted at +91 9843319933

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